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To be, rather than to seem.
To be is to be perceived.

I have a simple question for you.

When you say that you perceive physical matter, what exactly is it that you claim to be perceiving? You see this old tree that you found yesterday somewhere in misty mountains, but what exactly are you sensing when you touch it? You're actually having a complex sense perception that includes the sensations of roughness, brownish black, a certain texture, a certain smoothness. Thus, what you're actually perceiving are sensations, but not physical matter as such.

So all those qualities you're perceiving -- the sensations of brownness, roughness, texture, etc. -- all actually exist only in your mind, not out in a some hypothesized "external world".

So if we perceive only sensations and do not ever actually perceive physical matter, then we cannot claim to experience physical matter, and thus have no basis for believing that physical matter exists.

We have absolutely no empirical evidence that matter does exist since we never experience it directly.


released January 10, 2017



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